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Sometimes folks are so cruel to one another.

Here’s one such story from a Fox station in Philadelphia:

>>PHILADELPHIA – The owner of a North Philadelphia gas station who traveled out of the country for his mother’s funeral will come back to find his business destroyed.

FOX 29′s Chris O’Connell has the story you’ll see only on FOX.

Left behind is the aftermath of an all-out free-for-all.

On Wednesday, someone broke into a mini-mart on Cumberland Street and Germantown Avenue when word got around that the owner left town.

It didn’t take long before the looting started. Soon, the whole store was in shambles.

The inside of the store is ruined. The only products left are a bottle of vinegar and some oatmeal.

Kids even showed FOX 29 cameras the candy they took from the store.

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I’ve been sick with a serious cold/flu/whatever that has been making the rounds where I work. I did get some reading done, but not much else.

Of course, I thought I had it bad until I read the following news story:

>>Police Look For Two Hit And Run Drivers Who Hit Same Man

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Police accident investigators say they are looking for not one, but two hit and run drivers involved in a pre-dawn pedestrian fatality in the city’s Torresdale section.

Accident investigators say the victim, classified as John Doe,  is believed to be about 25 years-old. He carried no identification. Detectives say the incident happened just before 4 a.m. Monday morning in the 85-hundred block of Frankford Avenue near Benson Street.

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One of the things that has made the Internet so popular is that it’s free! Anyone can pretty much, within reason, do anything they want on here. However, that may not always be the case.

Here’s a story about a blogger having to pay for her use of the Web:

>>Philly requiring bloggers to pay $300 for a business license

By Mark Hemingway

It looks like cash hungry local governments are getting awfully rapacious these days: View full article »

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One of my favorite kinds of stories to read has to do with stupid criminals, folks who seem to have lost all common sense in their attempt to commit crimes. So, this will be the first in this occasional series. (Some day, I’ll go back and review previous Darwin Awards, which are just impossible to make up on our own.)

>>Man posts bail with counterfeit bills

By Peter Mucha, Inquirer Staff Writer

Most people post bail to stay out of jail, not to risk a lot more time there.

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It’s amazing what some people will do sometimes! Check out this story from CBS3.com:

>>Philadelphia Police are searching for the heartless thief who stole a wheelchair and a dog from a man who suffers from cerebral palsy.

The shocking theft happened at about 11 a.m. Thursday outside a convenience store located at 27th and Lehigh Avenue in North Philadelphia. Warren Lloyd parked his motorized wheelchair outside the Yoscar Mini Market and went inside to get a sandwich. His dog was in a carrying case on the back of the wheelchair. In the time it took Lloyd to go inside and pay for his food, the thief struck and made off with Lloyd’s wheelchair and his dog. View full article »

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