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As a long-time Batman fan, it does this heart good to see The Dark Knight doing well. His comics are selling, his movies draw big crowds … and he gets to participate in great stories!

Michael Keaton, who played Batman for a time, ought to know what makes the character tick. And he had some interesting things to say about Christopher Nolan, the man who helped return Batman to his rightful place and also has the number one movie at the theaters this week, Inception.

Here’s the article from Access Hollywood:

>>LOS ANGELES, Calif. –

A former Batman has some high praise for the franchise’s current director.

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Last entry, I began to explain just how much of an influence Batman has had on my life. When I ran out of energy, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns was about to be pub­lished.

Now, I had given up comics prior to this event, as I pointed out previously. But Batman’s sidekick, Robin, was instrumental in me getting back into buying them again.

The New Teen Titans comics, with Robin as the team leader, was a hot item for DC Comics. My brother Randy never stopped col­lecting comics even though I had. So, when he had trouble getting New Teen Titans #1, I was recruited to go to a local comics specialty shop to buy one.

That was a significant change for com­ics fans. Having a store dedicated to comics meant not having to rifle through drug store racks or shelves. It also meant being able to get nearly all the comics you wanted without missing issues, which often plagued and discouraged collectors.

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“Where does he get those wonderful toys?” — The Joker in Batman

The first thing I ever read was a Batman comic, so I guess it comes as no surprise that I am fascinated by and love to collect things associated with the Dark Knight. But the thing I enjoy the most is Batman’s transportation, the Batmobile.

How I love this one!It seems like every artist who draws an issue of a Batman comic has to create his own version of the Batmobile. Some have been terrific, while some have been silly. I mean, who could drive a car with huge and intricate spikes jutting out of the thing? Not even Batman can pull that off!

I’m going to list some of my favorite versions of the Batmobile next. And if I can find some of the silly stuff, I’ll post that, too!

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