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Honestly, as good an imagination as I think I have, I could not possibly come up with this stuff!

Without comment, here’s the story from, appropriately enough, the Smoking Gun website:

>>JANUARY 18–Armed with flaming tampons–yes, flaming tampons–two young Pennsylvanians attempted to blow up a vehicle after severely vandalizing it, according to police.

The bizarre January 7 incident outside a bar in Metal Township resulted in the arrest of Patricia Deshong, 25, and Quentin Deshong, 22, on a variety of charges, including attempted arson, public drunkenness, and criminal mischief.

According to State Police troopers, the Deshongs seriously damaged a 2006 Ford Fusion, which had its windshield and windows either cracked or broken, was covered with dents, and had blood on the front passenger seat. The car’s hood was also open and various hoses had been disconnected.

The Deshongs are pictured in the above mug shots.

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I know the economy is still bad, but this is too much!

Check out the school that is replacing lawn mowers with sheep! It’s an AP story via Yahoo:

>>Pa. school district turns lawn care over to sheep

CARLISLE, Pa. – A central Pennsylvania school has a woolly plan to keep its grass neatly trimmed.

The Carlisle Area School District says it can save up to $15,000 a year by turning over some landscaping chores to sheep.

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The economy continues to spiral downward, and people are getting more and more desperate. Here’s a good case of that where a Philadelphia area woman dressed as a clown robbed a bank.

>>With her polka-dot clown suit, rainbow wig, red nose and candy-cane socks, Carolyn Williams looked quite a picture when she strode into a KNBT Bank last August.

But it was no laughing matter when she told tellers at the bank in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania, that she had a bomb before making off with more than $7,000.

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I’ve been sick with a serious cold/flu/whatever that has been making the rounds where I work. I did get some reading done, but not much else.

Of course, I thought I had it bad until I read the following news story:

>>Police Look For Two Hit And Run Drivers Who Hit Same Man

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Police accident investigators say they are looking for not one, but two hit and run drivers involved in a pre-dawn pedestrian fatality in the city’s Torresdale section.

Accident investigators say the victim, classified as John Doe,  is believed to be about 25 years-old. He carried no identification. Detectives say the incident happened just before 4 a.m. Monday morning in the 85-hundred block of Frankford Avenue near Benson Street.

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