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Those of us with automobiles are more and more concerned with the price of the gasoline it takes to run them. We’ve seen huge increases recently, but no one seems concerned except those of us paying for it.

Well, someone finally paid attention when a hike that was too big to ignore happened recently in the District of Columbia. Here’s the video about this story: View full article »

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What a wild night last night was! People took more than 12 hours to get home taking a commute that often took less than an hour.

Here’s a video from the local NBC station talking with a woman stuck in the snow:

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I have wondered aloud in this blog if we were ever going to get along. Every day, I seem to read something that adds doubt that it will ever truly happen.

Take, for instance, what happened on late Friday night/early Saturday morning on the Washington, DC, Metro (subway system). Apparently a huge fight broke out, although no one seems to be reporting why it happened. Here’s the story from the Washington Post:

>>Injuries, arrests after massive 70-person Metro brawl

By Martin Weil

Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, August 7, 2010; 12:46 AM

At least four people were injured and three arrested late Friday night after a brawl in the Metro system involving as many as 70 people, a Metro spokeswoman said.

The brawl apparently began about 11 p.m. at the Gallery Place station and then continued in the L’Enfant Plaza station, according to Metro spokeswoman Cathy Asato.

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