After a nice, warm, leisurely weekend, what do we have to look forward to here in the Metro DC area? Traffic!

Vacations are over, school is in session, life is back to normal–according to the Washington Post. Here’s the link, but feel free to read the story below:

>>It’s ba-ack: D.C. area drivers, prepare for ‘Terrible Traffic Tuesday’

By Ashley Halsey III

Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, September 6, 2010; 1:00 PM

How about if everyone takes Tuesday off? What, you say you can’t? Then join the crowd — of about 1.5 million who plan to drive to work alone after celebrating the traditional end to summer on Labor Day.

The respite from obscene traffic congestion that was July and August is over, a fact punctuated by the dawn of what the local American Automobile Association likes to call “Terrible Traffic Tuesday.”

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