I was pleasantly surprised when I dove into the social-networking site Facebook a few months back. In just a few weeks, I had re-connected with several friends I had lost touch with, including one friend who’s wife had passed and he had remarried in the 10 years since we last spoke. I also connected with my closest friend, who now lives in Florida, and we keep in better touch. And one friend from my college days has been very busy creating a large family, and he may even be a great-grandfather by now. Then, too, I have made several new friends, including an aspiring actor from the NYC area who is working very hard to become a successful acting professional. And I have been able to keep in touch with several musicians I admire, and keep up with their offerings of new music.

One of the dangers of social networking sites is that information can be unwittingly given out that could make problems for the person releasing it. For instance, many unscrupulous characters have searched for funeral notices in newspapers in order to know when the family would be busy at the funeral of a loved one so they could raid the person’s home address. Or it could be like the case of the professional football player who announced his affair on Facebook, which was read by his very unhappy wife. Yikes!

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