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Well, it’s time for me to get back to blogging!

It’s been an interesting couple of months since I posted last, with corneal transplant surgery in my right eye and a change in my work status! But I hope to post as often as I can as I enter a new phase of my life.

I thought I’d start with the following story about a law passed to regular the Internet, something I oppose. The article can be found at infowars.com:

>>The state legislature of Arizona has passed a bill that vastly broadens telephone harassment laws and applies them to the Internet and other means of electronic communication.

The law, which is being pushed under the guise of an anti-bullying campaign, would mean that anything communicated or published online that was deemed to be “offensive” by the state, including editorials, illustrations, and even satire could be criminally punished.

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One of the great things about the World Wide Web has been that it has been largely unregulated. Anyone can pretty much do anything out here, which is why it has thrived so strongly over the past few decades.

Well, there are parts of it that folks don’t like, including piracy, which is understandable, but a new attempt to impose rules on the Internet has met with a lot of opposition. Here’s the AP’s article on the latest developments:

>>WASHINGTON (AP) — Yielding to strong opposition from the high tech community, Senate and House leaders said Friday they will put off further action on legislation to combat online piracy.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he was postponing a test vote set for Tuesday “in light of recent events.” Those events included a petition drive by Google that attracted more than 7 million participants and a one-day blackout by the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, quickly followed suit, saying consideration of a similar House bill would be postponed “until there is wider agreement on a solution.”

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Do you spend as much time in front of your computer as you do watching television? Then you could be an American!

According to NewsCore via myfoxdc.com, here’s the story:

>>Americans Use Internet As Much As Television, Study Shows

Americans now spend as many hours online as they do watching television, a new Forrester survey released Monday showed.

More than 30,000 media consumers were interviewed for the study, which showed that, on average, Americans spend about 13 hours a week on the internet and the pass the same amount of time watching television offline.

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