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The remaining December holidays are fast approaching, so it’s time to enjoy more seasonal music!

First up is Celine Dion singing “The Magic Of Christmas Day:”

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Do you spend as much time in front of your computer as you do watching television? Then you could be an American!

According to NewsCore via myfoxdc.com, here’s the story:

>>Americans Use Internet As Much As Television, Study Shows

Americans now spend as many hours online as they do watching television, a new Forrester survey released Monday showed.

More than 30,000 media consumers were interviewed for the study, which showed that, on average, Americans spend about 13 hours a week on the internet and the pass the same amount of time watching television offline.

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I keep reading that we’re not in a recession any longer, but you couldn’t tell it by my budget or the local economy.

Here’s a story about where I live–Montgomery County, Maryland–and how the once-prosperous government is having to deal with reduced income:

>>Montgomery braces for eyesores, safety hazards with new budget cuts

Filthy bathrooms. Tall grass. Legions of potholes.

Some analysts say those images of disrepair will become commonplace throughout Montgomery County, with widespread cuts proposed by County Executive Ike Leggett.

“[County] Council staff is concerned about the cleanliness and condition of county facilities, such as recreation centers, community centers, libraries and health care and day care facilities,” a staff memo says. “There are public health concerns and also concerns about loss of revenue that will occur if people stop participating in fee-supported activities or leasing space because of the condition of the facilities.”

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