Since I write the stories for that appear on Mondays, I came across this interesting article about the most recent episode of Doctor Who–at least, the one that aired in the UK last Saturday:

Why is Graham Norton near Matt Smith's mouth?>>It happened during the very emotional sequence at the end of “The Time Of Angels” as it aired on the BBC in the UK.

While Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, was talking to the baddies, an on-screen caption with an animated cartoon of Graham Norton, who hosts Over The Rainbow, appeared at the bottom of the frame, covering part of Smith’s face (including his mouth) as he gave the stirring speech.

Thousands of Doctor Who fans have since contacted the BBC to say that the ending of Saturday night’s episode was ruined by that trailer for the following show. The advertisement was seen by millions of viewers watching on BBC One in England, according to the BBC.

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