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The bad economy keeps making people do more and more desperate things, seems like.

Take this interesting story, for example, from the CBS station website in Charlotte:

>>SALISBURY, N.C. (CBS Charlotte) – Shrimp, rib-eye steak, baby back ribs and smoked turkey. One Salisbury man celebrated his 45th birthday by trying to stuff all of it — almost $300 worth of food — down his pants.

Ronald Broadway, 45, was arrested Thursday night in the parking lot of his local Food Lion supermarket, packed with enough meats and fish intended for a birthday and holiday celebration, police said.

While in the store on Thursday night, Broadway was spotted by a Food Lion employee, who had caught Broadway sticking the food down sweatpants he wore under his jeans, Salisbury Police Capt. Sheila Lingle told CBS Charlotte. Broadway had allegedly duct taped the sweat pants around his ankles to keep the food from falling out.

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You’d think a Broadway musical based on the Marvel character Spider-Man would crawl to the top of the heap. But technical problems, including injuries to cast members trying to perform the complicated and dangerous stunts, keep this show from moving forward. Here’s the latest:

>>Spider-Man On Broadway Creator “Happy” About Delayed Opening

Julie Taymor is not concerned about postponing the opening of Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark from January 11 to February 7, 2011.

“We’re happy about it,” Taymor told me last night in an interview. And why not? Even in previews, as a work in progress, Spider Man is a hit. It’s playing at 98% capacity, taking in almost $1 million a week.

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