Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, drew a lot of inspiration from the scientists of his day when he made the show. Now, it seems, the show is inspiring the scientists of today and tomorrow, according to

If you happen to go to the lobby of Microsoft’s Studio D located in Redmond, Washington, you might “boldly go where no man has gone before.” In that room, you’d find a sculpture of the cast of the original Star Trek that continually gives the appearance that Kirk, Spock and the rest are beaming in or out.

What makes this illusion work is beads. Based on the 1967 episode “Mirror, Mirror” and created by Devorah Sperber (an artist known for making masterpieces out of unconventional materials, the statue is comprised of of spools, chenille stems, and semi-translucent beads.

“Though Apple fans would say that the crew is beaming UP rather than DOWN, having found no intelligent life,” the site’s report concludes.

For video shot of the sculpture, check out this from YouTube:

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