Star Trek fans pride themselves on knowing the franchise pretty well. So, when an Australian website didn’t get it right, they heard from Trekkers and Trekkies around the world.

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>>News site apologises for ‘Star Trek’ gaffe

An Australian news website has apologised for an error in an article about Star Trek.

Yesterday, uploaded a piece about British publisher Haynes printing an Owners’ Workshop Manual of the show’s USS Enterprise.

In a second article today, the site said: “[We] incorrectly stated that the Star Trek starship USS Enterprise-E, otherwise known as model NNC-1701-E, was the successor to Captain Kirk’s original USS Enterprise.

“It has since been brought to our attention that the NNC-1701-E in fact came two models after Captain Kirk retired and was under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard.

“There was no intention whatsoever to suggest Captain Kirk may have commanded the Galaxy Class Starships Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E.”

It continued: “There were also some concerns about whether the incorrect use of the term ‘hyperspace’ in describing warp drive technology may harm the original Star Trek concept.

“No malice was intended and a correction to the original article will be made. We also agree that Patrick Stewart is a handsome man, a sentiment expressed by several readers.”

However, a comment from one reader on the second article read: “It’s NCC-1701 not NNC – you idiots.”

So, be careful when you talk about Star Trek--a Trekkie could be watching!

Here’s a very nice tribute that was released for Trek’s 40th anniversary:

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