For fans of comics and genre-related television and films, this weekend is literally Christmas in July. Now, I’ve never been to the San Diego Comic-Con, but I hope to get there next year, if I’m at all lucky. I do understand it takes over a huge portion of the city, and trying to drive is a big mistake … better to use the local cabs and buses.

I do have a friend who has gone to Comic-Con several times, and he enjoys himself. He remembers when Comic-Con only dealt with … comics. Now it is a huge media event, with trailers and promos for upcoming film and television programs turning into big business. A good example of this was the first Iron Man film, which got a huge boost from word-of-mouth publicity, and that’s largely credited for making it a franchise for Marvel. Of course, others took notice of that, so there will be trailers and preview footage for Green Lantern from DC and Tron: Legacy from Disney as well as the upcoming Thor film for Marvel.

One of my friends is on his way there as this entry is posted. He’s self-published a comic, and I’ll talk more about that next week, when it is expected to hit the stores. This is simply another example of Comic-Con being THE place to be for the industry to promote their product.

I have attended many local conventions (or “cons,” as we call them), and they are great fun. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by a lot of people who share your same interests and passions. What’s it like to be there?

First, here are a few photos from the area as seen on

With a new True Blood comic debuting at the con, posters are in the Hilton Hotel elevators:

Outside a hat store, you see Green Lantern and Sinestro taking sides:

And finally, two photos from the Chuck Jones gallery, which has now been taken over by superhero art and artists:

And finally, here’s one of the first videos I’ve seen that gives you a sense of what it is like to be at the Comic-Con:

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