WayneWhere this blog will go, nobody knows–not even me! I’ll probably just start out with some personal thoughts, then go more into my areas of interest, which hopefully others will enjoy as well!

Thanks to Ian Cullen at scifipulse.net for helping me learn WordPress and giving me the opportunities to help with the site and with the podcast. Thanks to Scott Klein for setting the blog up and for answering my questions!

With the advent of May, I’ll be back to working Monday-Friday, which will be nice. I’ve missed getting together with the club on Saturdays. My hours will change to 2 to 10 p.m., which will give me a schedule closer to “reality,” as it were. Not that I minded working the days and hours that others would prefer not to–I enjoy being flexible. But since the passing of my mother back in October of 2008, life has been decidedly different. And all the things I’ve gone through have been educational, but also difficult. I’ve got to get back on track financially. I’ll get back to a level playing field soon.

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