A prototype of the Air Force Research Laboratory's bird-like micro air vehicle is shown. Researchers say the so-called spy pigeon will flap its wings like a real bird, and even be able to land on power lines.

I’m always impressed by the amazing advances in technology we see from day to day.  Computers and robots can do so much more than even those of us who are science-fiction fans ever conceived of years ago.

Take, for example, the “spy pigeon” aerial drone. This amazing little aircraft could save lives, or it could mean the end of privacy.  Here’s the story from AOL News:

>>In the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, U.S. officials often had to rely on grainy satellite photos to decide whether facilities on the ground were intended for producing weapons of mass destruction. Now imagine that instead of overhead satellite imagery–or even high-flying unmanned aircraft–they could send in a flock of microdrones that could actually fly right over, or even inside, such facilities.

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