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Now this is what I call customer service!

Check out the story from a CBS news station in Sacramento, California:

>>SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Natomas Wells Fargo Bank that closed for business on Saturday was left unlocked for 48 hours until a customer noticed it and called police.

The Wells Fargo on Arena Boulevard is certainly no Fort Knox.

“That’s kind of ridiculous,” Lafayette Azevedo said. “I would say that’s a big mistake.”

So far, no one’s talking about who’s at fault. The branch manager showed up with a police officer but declined to talk with us. The corporate office also didn’t offer an immediate response, but someone’s got some explaining to do.

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Talk about your holiday Scrooge!

Check out the story from the website for the Sacramento CBS station:

>>SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A family who lives in the Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento has a message for the people vandalized their Christmas decorations, and it’s written right on their front lawn.

“You can steal our decorations, but not our holiday spirit.”

It was a cold dose of reality for Kenneth Cook-McKnight’s 4-year-old son after a real-life Grinch destroyed their Christmas display.

“He said to me that ‘robbers came and took our Santa,’” Cook-McKnight said. “That’s a tough lesson to learn at 4 years old.”

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