Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending the Baltimore Comic-Con, held in the Baltimore Convention Center. Sadly, it is near the field where the Baltimore Ravens were playing a pre-season football game, which caused the parking prices to triple. Still, it was a fun outing. Look for more of my reflections on SciFiPulse.Net today!

This article appeared in the Baltimore Sun before the Comic-Con started on Saturday, but it still has some good things to say about it:

>>A comic con for comic fans

At a time when the big comic conventions are trying to be all things to all people, Baltimore’s tries to keep its focus narrow

By Chris Kaltenbach, Baltimore Sun

When it comes to his Baltimore Comic-Con, organizer Marc Nathan takes that word “comic” seriously. The annual fan gathering is a comic-book convention, he stresses, not a pop-culture convention or a cool stuff convention or a famous people convention.

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