Since I work for a newspaper, I’m always interested in when technology replaces something non-technical.

Here’s the story of textbooks likely being replaced by electronic devices like the iBooks, iPad and Kindle. It’s from the International Business Times website:

>>Apple announced it would update its iBooks platform to include textbook capabilities. It also added a new platform called iBooks Author, which lets anyone easily create and publish their own e-books. Apple’s late co-founder and chairman Steve Jobs had hoped to bring relief to the higher education masses in the late 80s and early 90s, but 20 years later, Jobs’s legacy lives on in Apple, which hopes to make yet another dent in the education industry.

In NYC on Thursday, Apple revolutionized the education industry with its new iBooks 2 app for marking up digital textbooks, its new iBooks Author app for quick and easy e-book publishing, and the iTunes U platform for teachers to better communicate and share materials with students.

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