Over at SciFiPulse.Net, I wrote a Comix Portal column about a child psychologist’s dislike for Iron Man and some other recent super-heroes. One of the things that I disagreed with the lady about was the apparent feeling that children (particularly boys) are way too stupid to figure out that bad behavior shouldn’t be emulated on their own–they need comics to preach to them about what to do and what not to do.

Right on the heels of that story comes another one about groups failing to understand just how smart and imaginative kids can be. Here’s an article about protesting toys of the Fantastic Four now being given out at McDonalds restaurants by Dan at themovieblog.com:

>>Alright, so I stumbled upon a press release for CCFC (Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood) while reading a few articles on Cinematical’s website this morning.

The CCFC is targeting Happy Meals at McDonalds with good reason, their goal is to prevent McDonalds from using toys to entice kids into eating at their restaurants. Now so far I’m on board somewhat, I do think it’s a good idea to stop McDonalds from using toys as bait for children but then again if a kid does eat the crap at McDonalds don’t you think they deserve at the very least a cheap toy as a reward for keeping it down?

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