I’ve been found out!

Both Ian Cullen and BenJGrimm are always after me on the SciFiPulse podcast to talk about things I don’t like instead of things I do. I prefer to be a positive person, so I usually don’t focus on the negative. And I also don’t buy things I don’t like, so it is hard for me to rate them. However, this week I will endeavor to talk about what I know I don’t like.

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation. As a huge fan of Deep Space Nine, I never really warmed up to TNG. In fact, I hated the “galactic reset button” that was hit at the end of each episode. I guess one can tell when I don’t care for something—I laugh at jokes about it. For instance, there was a guy on AOL way back when the show started who used to post about Doctor Beverly Crusher’s hips swinging so far in the hallway that she would knock unsuspecting ensigns to the ground. I still smile or laugh about that one. Then there was the joke about Captain Picard coming down with a terminal disease, which caused Counselor Troi to ask him how he wanted to be buried. “I want to be buried with my buttocks in the air,” he said. Puzzled, Troi asked him why. “All my family ride bicycles, and they need a place to park them when they visit my grave,” he responded. Stuffy “Old Baldie” saying that killed me when I first read it. Yes, I still smile or laugh about that one, too.

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