I don’t think some of the “Occupy Wall Street” folks have thought all this through, sometimes.

Take the following story from CNBC.com, for example:

>>Some demonstrators are planning to occupy retailers on Black Friday to protest “the business that are in the pockets of Wall Street.”

Organizers are encouraging consumers to either occupy or boycott retailers that are publicly traded, according to the Stop Black Friday website.

The goal of the movement is to impact the profits of major corporations this holiday season.

“The idea is simple, hit the corporations that corrupt and control American politics where it hurts, their profits, ” states the Occupy Black Friday Facebook page.

A few of the retailers the protesters plan on targeting include Neiman Marcus, Amazon and Wal-Mart.

Their website states the following:

“Keep in mind that we are not occupying small businesses or hardworking people—we must make a distinction between the businesses that are in the pockets of Wall Street and the businesses that serve our local communities.

We are NOT anti-capitalist. Just anti-crapitalist.

Below is a shortlist for publicly traded large businesses to Occupy or to boycott on Black Friday. Luckily, most of them don’t have good presents anyway.

On Black Friday, Occupy or boycott:

- Abercrombie & Fitch

- Amazon.com (yes, we have to stay away from Amazon, too!)

- AT&T Wireless

- Burlington Coat Factory

- Dick’s Sporting Goods (I was surprised, too!)

- Dollar Tree

- The Home Depot

- Neiman Marcus

- OfficeMax

- Toys R’Us

- Verizon Wireless

- Wal-Mart


This is not the first time the demonstrators have taken action against corporations by using their money as weapon for change.

On Nov. 5th many demonstrators participated in “Bank Transfer Day” and moved their money from banks to credit unions.<<

If anyone has ever seen video of people trying to shop in Wal-Mart, for example, on Black Friday, they might reconsider. Many shoppers get trampled. If others appear trying to bottleneck what’s already a serious “people jam,” they need to be prepared to make their next stop a hospital ER, I believe.

If you really want to hurt these organizations, don’t buy anything from them. It’s that simple! This just gives those places more press! After all, isn’t Black Friday already occupied by all the shoppers?

If you MUST go shopping on Black Friday, here’s one survival guide you might consider:

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