“If I only had the time … .”

That’s what I’ve been telling myself the last several months whenever I remembered how much I’ve enjoyed expressing myself on this blog. But life is busy these days, and I simply couldn’t get to it.

What have I been up to?

Well, what really put me behind was the San Diego Comic-Con back in July. Then I attended other comic-cons, including one in Baltimore, then another one in New York City. They all take time, but they are a valuable resource for someone who creates a weekly podcast.

That’s the second thing that’s been keeping me off the streets. A weekly podcast I do completely on my own really does take up time. But it’s so much fun! I love to talk with creators, asking them questions I used to always keep inside me because I had no way to express them. Now I can find out what’s been on my mind!

There have been a lot of other things going on, including working on local sci-fi conventions and things like that. But I found myself way overbooked, and I was less happy with my life as a result.

So, I stopped doing several things. First, I resigned from the Farpoint Convention committee. I really wanted to help out with that, but I simply never got the time to even get started on what I was supposed to be responsible for. I don’t think I could ever have picked a good time to leave that behind, but I made my decision and contacted the leaders of that group. I’ll still be involved with programming by helping out with Do-It-Yourself panels on social networking, blogging and podcasting as requested, volunteering on the media panels presented by the U.S.S. Chesapeake club, and other ways, but it just never worked.

Also, I stopped doing so much for so many. I can never ever meet the needs or requests of everyone I know, even though I tried really hard to do so. I was burning discs for a friend who didn’t want to get cable so he could watch the programs he wanted to see, but keeping track of all the shows he was interested in took hours, never mind the burning of multiple discs! I hope he’s found someone who can help him in that area!

I’m learning more and more to say “no!” It’s been tough for me since I like to consider myself a problem solver, but I really began to feel that I was being expected to do things instead of being appreciated. For instance, when I recently reserved rooms for club members at both the Farpoint and Shore Leave conventions next year, I got one whole “thank you” in response. I don’t do these things to elicit responses, but I also don’t do these so others can put their feet up and relax while I’m working hard into the night. And that’s how I was feeling.

So, I’m not sure I’ll be posting every day, but I’ll blog when I have something I want to share! We’ll see how that goes as I move forward!

BTW, one thing that’s helped me with more time is that I’m going to be able to get the corneal transplant surgery I’ve been anxious to get taken care of around the holidays. My vision has been decreasing, and I need to get that done, so I’m happy I can finally get to it!

I’ll keep everyone informed as I post, and that includes me! :)

I always enjoyed ending with a video, so here’s one I’ve been wanting to share for some time now. I won’t be able to play this great game until the PC version comes out in November, but you’ll learn a lot about it here:

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