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I know that going to school is a tougher deal now than when I did it, but wow!

Here’s the story from

>>Teachers at a Skokie school forced a 6-year-old with a broken leg and a concussion to crawl back to his classroom across an icy playground, then failed to call for an ambulance, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Kindergartner Rahul Chandani slipped on a mound of snow and hit his head in the playground at Devonshire Elementary School on Jan. 3 last year, but didn’t get any medical help until his mom came to get him, the lawsuit filed in Cook County circuit court by Chandani’s parents Pritam and Priya alleges.

“His teacher told him, ‘You’re a big boy — I can’t carry you,’” the boy’s mother, Priya Chandani, said Wednesday, “She told him to walk back, but his leg was broken so he fell again and then had to crawl at least 200-300 feet back to the school building.

“If someone did that to me as an adult, I’d slap them.”

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This “Mother And Child Reunion” was 77 years away!

Here’s the story from

>>SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (AP) — For most of her 100 years, Minka Disbrow tried to find out what became of the precious baby girl she gave up for adoption after being raped as a teen.

She hoped, but never imagined, she’d see her Betty Jane again.

The cruel act of violence bore in Disbrow an enduring love for the child. She kept a black and white photograph of the baby bundled in blankets and tucked inside a basket.

It was the last she saw of the girl — until the phone rang in her California apartment in 2006 with the voice of an Alabama man and a story she could have only dreamed.

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Now this is what I call customer service!

Check out the story from a CBS news station in Sacramento, California:

>>SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Natomas Wells Fargo Bank that closed for business on Saturday was left unlocked for 48 hours until a customer noticed it and called police.

The Wells Fargo on Arena Boulevard is certainly no Fort Knox.

“That’s kind of ridiculous,” Lafayette Azevedo said. “I would say that’s a big mistake.”

So far, no one’s talking about who’s at fault. The branch manager showed up with a police officer but declined to talk with us. The corporate office also didn’t offer an immediate response, but someone’s got some explaining to do.

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You might want to check any lottery tickets you have lying around!

Here’s the story from

>>What would you do if you won a $77 million lottery jackpot? What would you do if you didn’t discover that you had the winning ticket until AFTER the deadline for claiming the prize?

That’s the scenario that could play out next week, because the 180-day window for the Georgia Lottery player who won the June 29 Powerball jackpot to come forward slams shut on Monday.

That winning ticket, with the numbers 24, 30, 45, 57 and 59 and the “Power Ball” of 26, was sold at the Pilot Travel Center truck stop along I-20 just inside the state from Alabama, and so far, no one has come forward to stake a claim to the huge jackpot.

Since players have just 180 days to claim any prize from online games, next Tuesday will be too late to claim the money, according to Georgia Lottery spokeswoman Tandi Reddick.

“Unclaimed Powerball jackpot prize funds are returned proportionately to each participating state based on that state’s sales for the particular drawing,” Reddick said.

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At least this guy’s heart was in the right place, if not his car!

Here’s the story from the Democrat And Chronicle:

>>A Greece man was charged with driving while intoxicated after police found him allegedly trying to drive an injured deer to the hospital on Sunday night.

Andrew Caswell, 29, of Jamestown Terrace, had apparently struck the deer on Hincher Road and was driving it to Unity Hospital for treatment, said Greece Police Capt. Steve Chatterton.

Chatterton said residents of Hincher Road had called police late Sunday to report that a deer had been struck by a car, and that there was what appeared to be an argument among a small group of men near where the deer had been hit.

At the scene, residents gave a description of the car and told officers they’d heard the men say they were going to bring the deer to the hospital.

When police stopped Caswell’s car, he admitted to officers that he was taking the deer to the hospital, said Chatterton.

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It seems that some folks in New York City are watching when residents put out their trash very carefully!

I know times are tight, but ticketing people for putting their trash out a whole half hour early?

Here’s the story from the Fox affiliate in NYC:

>>MYFOXNY.COM – A Queens man is very upset after trying to put his trash out for collection and ending up with a ticket.

He, and others, are getting snared in an enforcement of a law that few people even know exists.

The scrooge award goes to the New York City Sanitation Department for the $100 tickets.

Raymond Janson says he received the $100 fine for putting his garbage cans at the curb 30 minutes early.

“I can’t say how incensed I am over this,” Janson says. “Not only at the excessive amount, but the nature of the summons.”

The Failure to Store Receptacle summons from the agent stated: “I did observe three 30 gallon plastic can(s) placed out on the public sidewalk on a non-collection day.”

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Talk about your holiday Scrooge!

Check out the story from the website for the Sacramento CBS station:

>>SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A family who lives in the Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento has a message for the people vandalized their Christmas decorations, and it’s written right on their front lawn.

“You can steal our decorations, but not our holiday spirit.”

It was a cold dose of reality for Kenneth Cook-McKnight’s 4-year-old son after a real-life Grinch destroyed their Christmas display.

“He said to me that ‘robbers came and took our Santa,’” Cook-McKnight said. “That’s a tough lesson to learn at 4 years old.”

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“I’m giving away free money!” shouted Jack Nicholson‘s Joker in the first Batman movie with Michael Keaton starring as the Dark Knight. People often want to get something for nothing, and it happened recently in a town in Pennsylvania.

Here’s that intriguing story at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette website:

>>Thousands of dollars went missing this afternoon after the doors of a bank courier van opened, causing bags of money to spill out onto the road and people to gather in a frenzy.

Upper St. Clair police Lt. James Englert said people had pulled alongside the road and were trying to collect money when police arrived on Route 19 near Boyce Road to help a driver from Fidelity Courier Services in Sharon, Pa., collect the cash at about 1 p.m.

The courier driver stopped after another driver flagged him down and told him cash was flying out of his car. Police suspect all of the cash, which came in various denominations, was lost in that intersection.

Police recovered about $400, but Lt. Englert said several bags containing “well into six figures” remained missing Wednesday night.

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There’s an old axiom in the news business that goes something like this: If a dog bites a man, that’s pretty common. But if a man bites a dog, that’s news!

Well, something along these lines happened when a hunter’s dog actually shot him! Here’s the story from in Utah:

>>BRIGHAM CITY — It wasn’t his dog’s bark or bite that had a Brigham City man concerned, it was his aim.

A man was recovering Wednesday after being shot over the weekend by his dog.

A 46-year-old Brigham City man and a friend were duck hunting Sunday about 8:30 a.m. on the north end of the Great Salt Lake near the bird refuge, about 10 miles west of Brigham City.

The two had their canoe-like boat in a shallow marsh area when the man got out of the boat to either set up or collect decoys. He laid his 12-gauge shotgun across the bow of the boat, said Box Elder County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Kevin Potter.

After the man got out of the boat, a dog inside the vessel jumped up on the bow and stepped on the gun. The gun fired and shot the man in the buttocks.

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One thing I’ll say for the greater Washington, D.C., area is that you never know what’s going to happen next.

Here’s a good example. The story is from the NBC 4 television station’s website:

>>It’s one thing to see dogs, cats and squirrels around neighborhoods.

But imagine the surprise when Loudoun County homeowners spotted zebras roaming their streets.

That’s exactly what happened Monday in Leesburg near Route 15.

One woman snapped pictures of the exotic animals in front of her yard.  Investigators say the animals escaped from the Leesburg Animal Park Petting Zoo nearby.

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